Highest Quality Large-Scale iPSC

The biggest challenge for any organisation in the stem-cell industry is accessing a sufficient quantity and quality of iPSC for research, clinical studies, or therapeutic purposes. Today’s methodology requires enormous footprint, time, which translates to high cost.


iPSC Contract Manufacturing

Zenzic Labs supports organisations by providing access to high-quality iPSC through Contract Manufacturing. Zenzic Labs aims to be able to deliver hundreds of iPSC lines annually and scale it up progressively over the years.

Zenzic Labs provides two levels of iPSC production, GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) grade for therapeutic and clinical trial purposes, and non-GMP grade for educational and early research purposes.

Our GMP grade iPSC will go through a proprietary quality control process to ensure their quality and safety.


iPSC Platform Licensing

Zenzic Labs will provide platform licensing options for select partners to duplicate its technology and methodology for specific usage and utilisation of the iPSC. In this service, Zenzic Labs will also support the partners as the technology consultant for the platform.

The platform licensing deal is a highly tailored service that is offered based on a case by case basis.

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To find out how our technology and methodology could benefit your organisation in making large-scale iPSC production accessible, please contact us today.