Safeguarding your future

Today, more than a thousand clinical trials are being conducted globally to combat incurable diseases using stem cells therapies. It is a matter of time before iPSC become the first-line option for today’s critical illness such as Alzheimer, Dementia, Diabetes, Cancer, Cardiac issues, blindness, and other age-related problems.

Safeguarding your future


iPSC Reprogramming

Zenzic Labs reprogram an iPSC from their blood sample. From here, iPSC is created and tested via a rigorous proprietary quality control process to ensure its potency and safety.

Only iPSC that passed these tests will be preserved for the future therapeutic process.


iPSC Preservation

Zenzic Labs provides iPSC banking services to preserve the reprogrammed iPSC in a cryogenic environment to safeguard their potency until it is necessary for future therapy or treatment.

Zenzic Labs will maintain a stringent fail-safe procedure to ensure the safety of our customers valuable personal cellular assets.


iPSC Expansion

Therapeutic purposes require a significant amount of iPSC for effective treatment. Zenzic Labs with its proprietary medium and process can create the necessary amount quickly, ensuring no valuable time is wasted in the course of battling a disease that could be fatal or diminish the quality of life.

Our integrated system ensures a smooth flow from cellular asset withdrawal to the expansion process, thus minimising the risk of cells deterioration between the two phases.


iPSC-Based Rejuvenation Product

As a part of the iPSC conversion process, Zenzic Labs can isolate and collect enzymes from the reprogramming process. These enzymes have greater efficacy than other cosmetic and rejuvenation products as it carries the characteristics of human stem cells.

Using these iPSC-based enzymes, Zenzic Labs will be able to offer ultra personalised products based on individual iPSC,  which will be the highest grade cosmeceutical product in the market.

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